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  • Ashampoo Privacy Inspector - 1 PC/ Lifetime Ashampoo Privacy Inspector - 1 PC/ Lifetime

Ashampoo Privacy Inspector - 1 PC/ Lifetime

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Note: It is recommended that you first create and sign in to your personal software account and then bind the license key to your account to activate the software on your device, so that you can reset and reactivate it directly from your software account when you change to a new device in the future.

Ashampoo Privacy Inspector reveals what Windows doesn't want to show you!

Windows maintains thorough logs of your PC activities, whether you're online or offline, tracking what you do and when. But what exactly is being logged, and more importantly, how can you regain control? Ashampoo Privacy Inspector reveals the details hidden behind the scenes, providing clear insights into the logged activities. Additionally, it offers the capability to delete this data, allowing you to assert control over your privacy and reclaim ownership of your digital footprint!

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  1. Efficiently organize viewed items
  2. Securely delete confidential data
  3. Analyze web browsing across all accounts
  4. Use multiple filters for quick results
  5. Display page visits by time and frequency
  6. Thoroughly track online activities
  7. Remove overlooked data
  8. Review and delete download history
  9. Analyze search behavior for top terms
  10. Monitor logins and form inputs
  11. Erase internet traces and usage logs
  12. Disable telemetry and data sharing
  13. Protect data and privacy
  14. Limit app usage rights
  15. Prevent tracking, syncing, and ads

Discover the usage details: What objects were used, how frequently, and when?
Your PC silently collects usage data on open files and folders. Ever wondered how much your computer knows about your activities? Ashampoo Privacy Inspector has the answers! Unveil what's happening behind the scenes, filter results for precision, and delete them at your convenience!

Uncover your browsing footprint
Despite using privacy tools like adblockers and VPNs, your browsing habits still leave traces on your PC. Ashampoo Privacy Inspector helps you review not only your own browsing history but also that of other users. Easily filter data from Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, and delete unwanted records!

Trace your online journey
Need to backtrack your recent online activities? Ashampoo Privacy Inspector offers detailed analysis with list or tree views, ensuring you never lose track of your browsing history.

Take charge of your download and search history
Control every aspect of your download and search history, including online sources, file sizes, and download times. Easily identify and delete sensitive information with built-in filters, and quickly revisit recent pages with Ashampoo Privacy Inspector's assistance.

Manage your logins and browsing data
Many websites now necessitate logging in with specific usernames and passwords. Ever wondered where you've stored your login credentials today? What data have you inputted into forms, and how frequently have you visited these pages? Experience complete transparency and accuracy with Ashampoo Privacy Inspector today!

Enhance your privacy
Ashampoo Privacy Inspector empowers you to limit Windows' data collection, disable telemetry, location services, password syncing, and Cortana. It also offers the option to disable handwriting sample sending on tablets.

Clear web browsing traces
Effortlessly manage cached files, cookies, and session data with the built-in overview feature, allowing you to whitelist important cookies and delete the rest.

Recover deleted documents
In case of accidental deletions, Ashampoo Privacy Inspector provides a convenient solution to recover individual files, saving you from potential data loss.


Operating System:
Windows® 11, Windows® 10 (x64) , Windows® 7 (x64)
Supported Browsers:
Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium
Any device that supports the operating systems listed above.
Screen resolution 1280x768 (Recommended: 1920x1080 )
Full administrative rights are required to use the program
An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is verified repeatedly at regular intervals.

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  1. Chris
    Fast and secure review by Chris on 6/26/2024

    Fast and secure

  2. RP Florida
    Brilliant, can't recommend them enough! review by RP Florida on 4/8/2024

    This company makes software and no hassles.

  3. Major John Gallacher
    5 Star Website review by Major John Gallacher on 4/8/2024

    The software code I ordered came even faster than expected!

  4.  Heloise L.
    Great Support and Product review by Heloise L. on 4/8/2024

    The product from godeal24 was a great fit for our organization!

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